Always ask for feedback after an event or meeting. Why? Because some,but not all, will give it anyway and you’ll hear the extremes but not the overall picture. The folk who will say, “complete waste of time and money”, will tell you anyway and we all know that the negative comments linger with us much more than the positive ones. The comments “that was a really helpful and productive meeting”, may come anyway too. But what of all the middle ground? Asking for simple feedback: What went well? What could have been even better? What will you take away from this event? will give an overall context. If the majority of feedback is positive, then the negative (and the overly positive) can be seen as one person’s opinion.

Always ask for feedback, and be prepared to work on upping your game if the overall comment warrants it. Be encouraged where overall feedback is good and don’t let one negative comment get in the way.