Thoughts about leadership, business, IT and ministry…

In 1981, I left school and embarked up a degree in Business Administration. While I was doing well in some subjects, others were not going according to plan… and I was rather grateful for the nudge from God calling me to ministry. The switch to study theology came with its own challenges.

I got there, and after nearly 30 years ordained ministry, I rather wish I had paid more attention not just in the theology classes… but in Business Administration.

The Church is not a business, but we can learn a great deal from business models. Information Technology in particular has served the church well in recent decades, and has always been an interest of mine, from teenage days programming a Sinclair ZX81, with 16Kb of additional memory which stayed in place with a bit of sticky tape.

The Business world, as with the Church, has changed hugely in these decades, and we have found ways to embrace changing technology to support the ministry of the Church.

In February 2001, nearly 20 years ago, I registered the domain name itsforministry.org – IT’s for Ministry. Initially this was a place to host “Talks 2 Children”. Talks2Children.itsforministry.org is still there, with some Children’s Address type ideas, although it hasn’t been updated for a while.

In 2013, I studied, with the Open University, a course entitled, Making it happen, Leadership, Influence and Change. I completed the course with distinction, which nicely complemented the earlier and not so distinctive academic achievements!

Here I share some links, ideas, thoughts and musings around IT, technology, leadership, change… this page has been updated in 2020 in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak… times when more than ever before the Church finds expression in virtual spaces… and never has it been more true Information Technology – IT is for Ministry.

God bless


Rev Donald McCorkindale
Husband, Dad, friend, Gadget geek, Church of Scotland Minister.