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The most important meeting of the day!

All Zoomed out! Lots of online meetings on various platforms filling our days. But the most important meeting is a low tech offline one!

Are you making time for a meeting with yourself? Have you put it in your calendar and blocked off time to review, plan and priorise your day?

Below is my ‘Agenda’ for Morning and Evening meeting with self – and God.

I’m a big fan of AYOA and have used it for years to keep track of my projects and tasks – it may work well for you – it’s very visual, actually quite fun, and integrates with mind-mapping. The important thing is to have a trusted system – somewhere beyond your head to capture and process all the things that you have to do

Meeting with self – Morning



Previous meeting notes

Matters arising – any loose threads..?

Correspondence (Incoming External stuff)

Review AYOA/ To Do List

  • Review Projects & Tasks
  • Is there anything that anyone else is waiting for?
  • Who is on my mind that I will phone or message today?

Personal Development

At least half an hour now or scheduled for later today.

  • Watch/ Read a MindTools article
  • Watch a TED Talk
  • Read
  • Sharpen a saw! Schedule time to hone a skill
  • Listen to a podcast

Meeting with self – Evening

  • What am I grateful for?
  • How have I made a difference for others today?
  • What 6 Things will I prioritise tomorrow?
  • Time to pray

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Kipling Questions

I keep six honest serving men,
they taught me all I knew.
Their names are What and Why and When
and How and Where and Who

from The Elephant’s Child, Rudyard Kipling

Six Questions to ask about anything and everything?

Kipling Questions: What, Where, When, Why, Who, How?

Use them to brainstorm on your own or with a group

  • What? is it, could happen, would happen if…
  • Why? Why, Why is, does it have to be…
  • When? is the right time, do we start…
  • How? can we do it, will it be achieved…
  • Where? should this happen, is best, are the target audience…
  • Who? is involved, are we involving, excluding…

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Change Leadership Meetings MindMapping Productivity Saw Sharpening

Mind Map Everything!

Today 2nd June 2020 is World Mind Map Day! I’ve been an avid mind-mapper since the mid 1980s. During University studies which weren’t going too well, discovering mind-mapping transformed me from being on the brink of being ‘chucked out of Uni’ to turning in a piece of work to a lecturer who always said he marked out of 75% – and getting a 76%! It was a turning point in life! I completed the degree, and was able to help some other students to realise their greater potential too.

35 years on, I still mind map everything. Sermons, agendas, reports, shopping lists, brainstorms, decision making and so much more. It just works for me, it’s a brilliant thinking tool, mirroring the way the brain naturally works – making connections, linking ideas and keeping the big picture overview literally in mind. is the go to place for all things mind mapping!

TED Talk: Hazel Wagner, explains mind mapping.

Brainstorming Change General Leadership MindMapping

101 Things to Do..?

Too many things to do?

There are three kinds of people:

  1. Those who remember everything that needs to be done – and keep all the thoughts on their head.
  2. Those who rely on other people to remind them when they overlook something important
  3. Those who have a trusted system (outwith their head) and capture and sort their to-dos, and do and review their tasks!

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