Zoom Support

during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many of us are on a learning curve with the various video conference possibilities during this time.

Zoom provide on-line advice at this link:

Zoom | Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

I have been trying to simplify instructions for newcomers to Zoom so that they can engage in virtual gatherings and meetings.

Getting started with ZOOM

To join a meeting you DO NOT require to have a ZOOM account and login.

Phoning into Zoom Meeting

If you have difficulties with the Zoom apps, it may be possible to PHONE into the meeting using one of the provided phone numbers included in the invitation and the Meeting ID code. (Off line participants can be invited to join this way – but obviously they aren’t seeing these notes!)

iOS – Apple Devices

if you have an iPad, iPhone or other iOS Device, go to the App Store and download the free Zoom app. Then when you click on the zoom link provided by the person hosting, the video call should begin. You may be asked to enable audio, microphone and camera… click OK to any such questions.

Android Devices

If you have an Android device, go to the Google Play store and download the free Zoom app. Following the link (provided by the host) will open the video call in the app… you may have to enable microphone and camera and should respond OK/YES if requested.


If on a laptop or desktop running WINDOWS, clicking the link (provided by the host) will open a browser page, and if you don’t already have the WINDOWS app it will be automatically installed – you should follow the screen prompts and enable camera and microphone if asked.


If a MAC user the experience should be similar as for WINDOWS above…


If a Linux user, you presumably know what you are doing and have ZOOM installed already! 🙂

Improve these notes..?

If you can help to improve and perfect these notes, please comment here, Thank you.