A couple of paragraphs from an email sent earlier today to a colleague… that are probably worthy of ’putting out there’!

“I often wish that there could be more time in meetings to take time for ideation – generating the good and bad ideas, evaluating options and perhaps making new and creative discoveries along the way – rather than receiving a paper with a proposal from ‘an expert’.

There are many ways in which, particularly over the past two years, that online meetings have been made more engaging and imaginative than pre-conceived. One very simple idea that I have used much recently is to put out a question and ask for response in the CHAT – and ask everyone not to hit ENTER (or click the arrow) until everyone has had a moment to make their own response – then all together ENTER is clicked and there’s a flurry of ideas… everyone’s ‘voice’ is heard – rather than collusion with whoever speaks first…”1

  1. An idea from Chad Littlefield, www.weand.me

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