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Greek & Hebrew Study Bible

Have had this iOS app for years – really useful. I have only a very little Hebrew and absolutely no Greek – but good to be able to see the interlinear text.

Fascinating to see for example that in Mark 1 in the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law the ‘helped her up’ is literally ‘raised up’ – same word as used of Jesus’ resurrection – and when she ‘waited on them’ the word is diakonia – to serve…

It’s now £14.99 – but I can highly recommend it,

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One Track Mind

One Track Mind is a very useful iOS app which lets you play through a playlist one Music track at a time – very helpful when playing music tracks in worship live or online – no more having to watch for the end of the track and stop before the next track plays!

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iPad won’t start, after ‘flat battery’

I have just spent ages trying various solutions, restarts, button pressing, and thinking my iPad had died. Then tried charging with the original Apple Charger and cable. All sorted! Other cables and chargers may work well most of the time but just don’t have the oomph to start up from a completely drained battery. Sometimes the simplest solutions are worth trying first!

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If you are using WordPress to host your website, are you using the WORDPRESS app on your iOS or Android device to simplify updates on the go…? for details and downloads.

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Creative iPad/iPhone ideas for Family Fun

Here are some ideas from Apple for use with an iPhone or iPad and kids agree 4-8years…