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A day of double blessing

It’s Tuesday – a day of double blessing! A careful reading of Genesis 1: 9-13 reveals that ‘on the third day’, God said not once but twice “this is good”. In Jewish tradition weddings are often celebrated on the third day – the day of double blessing. Today, as I write, is Tuesday the fourth of May. It a day enjoyed by Star Wars fans – “May the fourth (force) be with you!”

In the light of Jesus’ resurrection, “the third day” takes on new significance, and with the coming of the Holy Spirit we have not so much a “force” but power, strength, hope love and inspiration.

May your Tuesdays and everyday be days of blessing, and at the end of the day may you be able to pause, reflect upon it, and say “this is good” knowing that God has been with you, blessing all your moments.

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Greek & Hebrew Study Bible

Have had this iOS app for years – really useful. I have only a very little Hebrew and absolutely no Greek – but good to be able to see the interlinear text.

Fascinating to see for example that in Mark 1 in the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law the ‘helped her up’ is literally ‘raised up’ – same word as used of Jesus’ resurrection – and when she ‘waited on them’ the word is diakonia – to serve…

It’s now £14.99 – but I can highly recommend it,