‘Why don’t you pause and sharpen the saw?’

‘Can’t you see I’m too busy cutting these logs’

Take time to sharpen the saw! If you are not familiar with Dr Steven Covey’s phrase – google it – or check out the info and video at the link below … Covey talks about taking time for Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit – and sometimes it’s as simple as taking time to learn a new skill – how to get the most from an app on your pc or tablet, get the most from the tools of your trade.

What do you need to take time with to help you be a better version of you?


And a video with an overview of Covey’s 7 habits of effective people.


Advent 2021 – update

Why not take time to sharpen the saw – and get to grips with scheduling social media posts. The new Creator Studio in FaceBook will help you set up posts to be released at a particular date and time.

CANVA.com is simply brilliant – and free for non-profits and charities. Among its many features you can set up scheduled posts. Take some time at the beginning of Advent to hone these skills…