It’s a silent G – pronounced ‘nim rots ny-arb’ No it’s not Gaelic! It’s Brainstorming reversed!

Instead of brainstorming around what you want to achieve… consider what you would do to ensure failure!

It really works well – people will talk much more freely because it’s fun and light hearted… it’s actually really creative and generative.

eg: how to ensure poor engagement with Christmas services.

Don’t advertise, tell everyone the church is closed, hide the minister’s iPad, sing unfamiliar carols, no decorations in Church… you get the idea

And then when you flip the ‘how not to’ ideas you will have loads of really helpful insights…

Next Brainstorm – whether in a group or on your own – do it in reverse…. Gnim rots niarb!

Bonus tip: it’s always good to have brainstormers do some storming on their own first so they ‘hear their own ideas’ before being drowned out by louder voices!