Many many years ago, in Chicago Airport I think it was, I picked up a book that caught my eye. “How to be brilliant” by Michael Heppell. It was a brilliant read! I’ve read all the books he has published since, and even get a wee mention in the acknowledgements in “How to save an hour every day”! And about 15 years ago I attended one of his “Be Brilliant” day seminar events. His website is worth a look – and has lots of helpful pointers to a brilliant balanced life. I’m not sure I’ve got there yet – but keep moving forward!

Michael’s currently doing “How to be Brilliant” online on FaceBook. It started pre-Covid19 – Brilliant timing! Part of my new routine includes Michael’s “Magic Monday”. Today he put out a #300 challenge… which I rise to and will write at least 300 words for this site each day this week, and will promote the site aiming at 300 hits this week. Perhaps you would appreciate joining Michael’s How to be brilliant FaceBook Group – consider yourself invited!

Be brilliant… be blessed… and be a blessing…