When you need to pass an analogue audio signal to a digital USB, you want one of these…. An analogue/ digital interface.

Some Audio mixers will have a USB connection, and other more sophisticated audio interfaces are available but for around £20 this little box will be a helpful addition to your digital tool kit!

You could connect an analogue audio output from a mixer desk into computer, tablet or smart phone to take advantage of microphones that you already have set up at Church, in your Study, Studio or wherever…

Another possibility is to take the headphone (analogue) output from a smartphone and direct it through this little gizmo to a USB socket on PC or laptop and record to audacity – a great way to have audio input from folk who wouldn’t be able or want to create a video – or who don’t have internet!

If you have an iPhone with a lightning connection – the adapter above will give you a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. A 3.5mm jack to phono plugs cable will then connect from the headphone socket to the UCA222 interface.