Faith, Wisdom & Spirituality

I recently connected with Dr Manoj Krishna, founder of the Human Wisdom Project – and am delighted that he will be my first guest in a series of Tuesday afternoon conversations on Zoom around ‘Faith, Wisdom and Spirituality in the 21st Century’ – beginning Tuesday 1st March.

Olive Fleming Drane, theologian, author, clown and member of the IT’s For Ministry FaceBook Group is my guest – on 8th March.

Details of the other conversations and registration link is at:

Each conversation will stand on its own… and is for all who are curious and interested to awaken, and develop understanding and engagement in Faith, Wisdom and Spirituality. Come along to as many as you can… Recordings will be available to catch up later… but you don’t get to ask your questions and contribute to the conversation that way…

Thank you



Freudenfreude – pleasure in others’ success

Freudenfreude, German term used for taking pleasure in other people’s joy and successes.

Interesting blog post:


Better Meetings – on-line and on-site

A couple of paragraphs from an email sent earlier today to a colleague… that are probably worthy of ’putting out there’!

“I often wish that there could be more time in meetings to take time for ideation – generating the good and bad ideas, evaluating options and perhaps making new and creative discoveries along the way – rather than receiving a paper with a proposal from ‘an expert’.

There are many ways in which, particularly over the past two years, that online meetings have been made more engaging and imaginative than pre-conceived. One very simple idea that I have used much recently is to put out a question and ask for response in the CHAT – and ask everyone not to hit ENTER (or click the arrow) until everyone has had a moment to make their own response – then all together ENTER is clicked and there’s a flurry of ideas… everyone’s ‘voice’ is heard – rather than collusion with whoever speaks first…”1

  1. An idea from Chad Littlefield, www.we