Music Videos

There are links on the Music page to various Music and Video files which can be used in your online worship streams and videos alongside the appropriate licenses.

Additional resources are available for use within Church of Scotland congregations… these are listed with Microsoft TEAMS in a TEAM names ‘Video Worship Resources’. If you are directly involved in creating online worship and don’t have a Church of Scotland email address please contact Donald and you can be added as a guest.

CHURCH of SCOTLAND TEAMS users: A master spreadsheet with available videos and audio files is being created – if you have access to Church of Scotland on TEAMS – you should be able to join a TEAM Called ‘Video Worship Resources’ and from there be able to view the master spreadsheet. You will also be able to edit the master spreadsheet and add links to material that you can share.

To JOIN the Video Worship Resources TEAM, Goto TEAMS – then down the bottom there will be an option to join or create a team – click that – then in the search bar type ‘Video Worship Resources’ – you will then have the option to join the team. In the Team under the files tab – there’s a MASTER SONG List which you can view and edit.