Edit Facebook posts

Had second thoughts about that Facebook post, just noticed a typo, spelling mistook, or the effects of auto-correct?

Facebook posts can be edited or deleted

Scroll to the post you want to edit.

Depending on whether you are on a tablet, phone, Windows, Linux or whatever… this may vary slightly… but you should see three dots, or a down arrow icon…

  • in the upper-right corner, click the three-dot or down-arrow icon.
  • There are options to EDIT or DELETE your post
  • Click Edit Post.
  • Edit: Edit the text as needed then click UPDATE/SAVE
  • Delete: Click Delete and it’s gone.

IT’s for Ministry

Back in February 2001, nearly 20 years ago, I registered the domain name itsforministry.org – IT’s for Ministry. Initially this was a place to host “Talks to Children”. Talks2Children.itsforministry.org is still there (currently on a wordpress.com site), with some Children’s Address type ideas. It hasn’t been updated for a while!

IT, Information technology has supported the ministry of the Church in many ways in recent decades, and now in the midst of the Covid19 outbreak we are making use of various virtual possibilities for Church.

I have occasionally added posts here with useful resources, and will do so more frequently during this unprecedented time.

May God bless you richly as together we discover new ways to be Church…

Take care…